#308 - Goodbye Naivete

#308 - Goodbye Naivete

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How i Died
How i Died

About this episode

Levant promises to help illuminate some of Jon’s uncertainty around Joy’s demand, if they can go visit the Springfield Corp. Facility one last time. Why predict when you can control? 
How i Died is an Audiohm Media original, starring Vince Dajani as Jon Spacer; Shaina Waring as Sheriff Fran Crowley; David Dixon as Curtis; Caitlin Roberts as Amelia; Vyn Vox as Dr. Kim. Guest starring Sarah Golding as Maureen Levant, Mike Lynch as Mike Melba, and ̶̙̿j̵̛̩o̷̢̅y̵̛͙ as ̶̙̿j̵̛̩o̷̢̅y̵̛͙.
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Written and created by Vince Dajani. Directed by Chroma Sikora with layout and sound design by Eric Emma. Mastering by Eric Howell.
The How I Died theme song was created by Mike Lynch at SilentMikeMusic.com.
Show notes and transcript available at https://audiohmmedia.com/howidied/

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