#306 - Octopus Trap

#306 - Octopus Trap

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How i Died
How i Died

About this episode

Levant spills the beans on her involvement with the original Springfield Corp. Facility after an important townsperson dies of a heart attack. But being sloppy can derail any well-laid plans. 
How i Died is an Audiohm Media original, starring Vince Dajani as Jon Spacer; Shaina Waring as Sheriff Fran Crowley; David Dixon as Curtis; Caitlin Roberts as Amelia; Vyn Vox as Dr. Kim. Guest starring Sarah Golding as Maureen Levant, Anthony Morales as Grant, Chris Harris-Beechy as Will, and ̶̙̿j̵̛̩o̷̢̅y̵̛͙ as ̶̙̿j̵̛̩o̷̢̅y̵̛͙.
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Written and created by Vince Dajani. Directed by Chroma Sikora with layout from Oliver Morris and sound design by Kristine Dajani. Mastering by Eric Howell.
The How I Died theme song was created by Mike Lynch at SilentMikeMusic.com.
Show notes and transcript available at https://audiohmmedia.com/howidied/

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