Healing The Light Within

Healing The Light Within

Brittany Eldridge

About this podcast

Inner Child healing starts from within, reconnecting to the child that has lived through animosity that has wrecked havoc on the internal mind and self. Each one of us are on a spiritual journey, with lessons to learn.
Society is affected by the suffering of mental illness and complex traumas, and every minute there is a human out there succumbing to suicide.

Brittany Eldridge is an author, owner of Rise Above Radio, and passionate for mental health. She has written articles for the Rochester Voice, Better Because Project, Made of Million Foundation and the Scars of Survival magazine.

Her self-published books can be found at the Locally Handmade store in the Fox Run Mall, Lady Tinabell's Craftstore, Riverrun bookstore in downtown Portsmouth, NH and also on Audible, Kindle, Barne's & Noble online, lulu.com and many others.

Follow Brittany's work at beldridge18.wixsite.com/healingthelight



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