Heartbreak: Friendship Breakups?

Heartbreak: Friendship Breakups?

Daraayo Daniels



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Dating you is like…..? - Answer the question first.

Ladies and gentlemen, She’s back! Happy International Women’s Day to all my amazing ladies out there! Keep breaking barriers and shattering boundaries! Also, we’re a year old now so let’s act like it. We’re no longer children. It’s children that they beg to listen to new episodes and share with their community. We don’t do that anymore. We’ve “GROWN”. See what I did there? Anyway, your girl has been breaking barriers of her own lately as I just produced my very first show called “The 15 Minute Test”. If you know what’s good for you, after listening to this episode, you’ll head straight on to my YouTube to check it out.
Today, I tackle the topic of Friendship breakups. Let’s see what that’s all about, shall we?

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