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Grab A Cuppa

Cat Wright

About this podcast

My name is Cat Wright.
I am 34 years old, wife and mum of two wonderful children.
Life can get very challenging and for me, it has been an ongoing battle with my mental health and physical health. 

I suffer from OCD, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Depression with suicidal thoughts and Complex PTSD just to name a few and also Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, ME, Migraines with stroke like symptoms and other physical difficulties due to a horrid accident at the age of 3.

I am so lucky to still be alive!
There is still alot of stigma surrounding mental illness which I think it's due to lack of knowledge and perhaps ignorance sometimes from some people.
Together we can pick each other up!

Last year I created a personal blog called 'Colour Me Mentally Ill' which consisted of me sharing my difficulties with mental and physical health to end the stigma specially surrounding mental illness.
 I slowly started getting a steady following and the support has been unbelievable.

For the last 6 months I have been self educating on the subjects of Mental Health Studies, Psychology and Journalism.

I have been doing online courses and I have been making my own research for this podcast.

I decided to call this podcast "Grab A Cuppa" because I wanted to keep it friendly and informal but also because I refer to myself as a Portuguese person with a Yorkshire twang because of my mixed accent.

A good natter always starts with a good cuppa. 

Oh and a biscuit.

New Episodes Every Friday 0700 GMT

If you want to support Grab A Cuppa now you can buy us a cuppa!

Half the donations will be going to a different mental health charity each month and the other half will go to create Grab A Cuppa merch to then create more funds to donate to various mental health charities in the UK



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