#GIRLTALK - The Beauty Rebellion Podcast

#GIRLTALK - The Beauty Rebellion Podcast

Amy Bates

About this podcast

Hey there! My name is Amy Bates and I am the founder of The Beauty Rebellion.

#GIRLTALK is the place where those client conversations you have in the salon get talked about with a whole host of experts giving you the opportunity to signpost your clients to a place they can get support and info on all the things that affect our lives as women. No topic is off the table!

If we haven’t met before, let me tell you a little bit of my backstory! Ive been in the beauty industry for ten years. I started out in Bridal Hair & Makeup and loved it so much that after winning an industry award I moved into my own beauty salon aimed at giving brides the ultimate bridal beauty experience. It was amazing but exhausting so moved into my own beauty room at home to have more time with my family. I want to drive change within the beauty industry to make self care, positive self image and strong and beautiful minds most important whilst helping therapists be better equipped to support themselves and their clients wellbeing.

For the dedicated #GIRLTALK DIRECTORY plus more on episodes, blogs, and ways we can help you visit www.beautyrebellion.co.uk
I am so excited to help you - let's hang out on social:
IG: the_beauty_rebellion
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