🏁 Car Chat: Episode 187: we’ve been lied to

🏁 Car Chat: Episode 187: we’ve been lied to

GlitterU by Heather Newman

About this episode

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Would if you could create a life of courage, confidence, and belief in who you are and what you bring to this earth.


A life of really knowing you are created to impact others through YOUR unique gifts and talents. This podcast is created to help you GET UNSTUCK and overcome the beliefs holding you back from the life you truly desire. 


Heather is a retired dancer, Fitness Professional & Certified Fitness Instructor for over 33 years, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Life Coach and Certified Health Coachbest-selling author of, "Sugar is the devil; 7-day sugar detox” (you can find it at https://www.sugardetox7.com and on Amazon.


The book was written to share Heather’s personal creations and experience of shedding some lbs that crept up during midlife.  It is to help make a difference in your healt too - Unbecoming...a journey to getting #UNSTUCK, an entrepreneur and a top Personal Health Coach in her local community and online for 6 years in a row.. She is a wife and mom who built her businesses while raising her two small boy who are now professional educated young adults who are now creating their own legacies to impact others for generations to come.. Her greatest gift is helping others see the greatness within them and believe in themselves.  Know you are NOT ALONE.  You will learn leadership tips, developing a healthy mindset, marriage and building your empire. 


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