Unleashing 'The Grizzly Crew': Inside Jerry Carita's Latest Comic Adventure | INTERVIEW

Unleashing 'The Grizzly Crew': Inside Jerry Carita's Latest Comic Adventure | INTERVIEW


About this episode

In this captivating episode of our podcast, we sit down with Jerry Carita, a seasoned unscripted TV producer, director, writer, and the innovative founder of Thorny Comics. Transitioning from the dynamic world of television to the imaginative realms of comic books, Jerry shares his unique journey into the comic industry, sparked by his work on AMC's "Comic Book Men." Inspired by the infectious passion of Kevin Smith and friends, Jerry ventured into comics at 30, eventually collaborating with Blue Juice Comics and contributing to titles like "Billy The Kit," "Anne Bonnie," and "The Accelerators."

Beyond his editorial successes, Jerry opens up about his creative evolution under the mentorship of Scott Snyder in his exclusive writing workshop, revealing how it's reshaped his approach to storytelling. Whether you're a comic book enthusiast, an aspiring writer, or someone fascinated by the creative process, Jerry's insights offer a rare glimpse into the making of a storyteller who bridges the gap between television and comics. Tune in this Thursday for an episode filled with inspiration, transformation, and a deep love for the art of storytelling.

The Grizzly Crew #1

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