Argylle Review, Netflix's Showcase, Sonic's Jim Carrey, Disney Lawsuit, Xbox on PS5, VR Gaming, and Much More!

Argylle Review, Netflix's Showcase, Sonic's Jim Carrey, Disney Lawsuit, Xbox on PS5, VR Gaming, and Much More!


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In this episode, Frank and Jonathan discuss their favorite Star Wars movies and rank them. They also talk about Netflix's big reveals, including the upcoming Avatar and King Bumi in The Last Airbender. They discuss Jim Carrey joining the Sonic movie and Gina Carano suing Disney. Finally, they delve into Xbox's potential release on PS5 and the future of gaming, including cloud gaming. The conversation covers the future of ownership in video games, the rise of virtual reality in gaming, and a review of the movie 'Argyle'.


Star Wars movie rankings can vary among fans, with some preferring the original trilogy and others enjoying the prequel and sequel trilogies.
Netflix continues to make big reveals, including new seasons of popular shows like Cobra Kai and Sweet Tooth, as well as the highly anticipated Squid Game season 2.
Jim Carrey's return to the Sonic movie franchise is exciting for fans, as his portrayal of Robotnik was well-received in the first film.
Gina Carano's lawsuit against Disney raises questions about freedom of speech and the consequences of public statements made by public figures.
Xbox's potential release of games like Indiana Jones and Starfield on PS5 shows a shift in their strategy, possibly aiming for broader accessibility and revenue.
The future of gaming may involve cloud gaming, where players do not own physical copies of games but stream them instead. The future of ownership in video games is uncertain, with the shift towards digital and subscription-based models potentially limiting players' control over their purchased games.
Virtual reality (VR) has the potential to revolutionize gaming by allowing players to immerse themselves in virtual worlds and interact with their favorite games in new ways.
The movie 'Argyle' received mixed reviews, with some viewers disappointed by the misleading marketing and convoluted plot twists.


00:00 Introduction and Star Wars Movie Rankings
06:16 Netflix's Big Reveals
13:45 Jim Carrey Joining Sonic
19:27 Gina Carano Suing Disney
25:59 Xbox's Potential Release on PS5
31:28 The Future of Gaming and Cloud Gaming
32:27 The Future of Ownership in Video Games
38:25 The Rise of Virtual Reality (VR) in Gaming
41:19 Review of the Movie 'Argyle'

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