Arcane's Return, Gaming Independence, CM Punk's Return, Mickey's Milestone, and Much More!

Arcane's Return, Gaming Independence, CM Punk's Return, Mickey's Milestone, and Much More!


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Dive into the ultimate geek-out session in our latest episode of Geek Freaks! 

    Fictional Worlds Fantasies: We kick off with a fun debate in our Geek Box segment: What fictional planet would you love to visit? From the exotic landscapes of Pandora to the bustling streets of Coruscant, join us in dreaming about these otherworldly destinations.

    Arcane Season 2: Riot Games just dropped a teaser for Arcane Season 2, and we're here to dissect every frame! Will it live up to the first season's hype? We're discussing our theories and expectations.

    CD Projekt Red's Independence: CD Projekt Red remains steadfast in its independence amid the trend of big industry acquisitions. What does this mean for gamers and the industry at large? We're breaking it down.

    Minecraft Movie Update: Warner Bros announces Jack Black joining the Minecraft movie alongside Jason Momoa. What can we expect from this intriguing pairing in the blocky universe?

    Marvel's Thunderbolts Casting: The surprising exit of Steven Yeun from Marvel’s "Thunderbolts" project – let's talk about the implications and our predictions for the film.

    Disney's Icon Goes Public: Mickey Mouse enters the public domain after nearly a century. We explore the significance of this milestone in the entertainment world.

    What If…? Season 2 Review: Our take on the latest season of Marvel's animated series. Does it match up to its groundbreaking first season?

    Echo’s Anticipation: With "Echo" set to release on the 9th, we share our high hopes and expectations for this upcoming series.

    CM Punk: We discuss the impact of CM Punk's return to the WWE!

    Check-In Results & Recommendations: Don’t miss our quick summary of the latest check-in results and our top recommendations for what to watch, play, and read next in the geek universe.

Join us on this intergalactic journey of gaming, movies, and all things geek! Tune in now to Geek Freaks and let your inner geek run wild!

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