Gameloop.Mobi Emulator PUBG, Free fire on PC

Gameloop.Mobi Emulator PUBG, Free fire on PC

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GameLoop is the next generation android emulator offered to you by Tencent, the same company that created the Android version of the popular battle royale ... is Perfect Emulator For Playing Android Games on Windows PC. With Game Loop You Can Enjoy PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode. - Compact capacity, simple installation / update, running smoothly even with weak configurations. - Good gaming performance, no lag, does not consume much machine resources. - Support full virtual key mapping automatically. - Easy game management 2020

Gameloop.Mobi Emulator PUBG, Free fire on PC

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26 November 2020

How to play PUBG Mobile Emulator 90FPS with GameLoop


PUBG Mobile PC, one of the most famous battle royale games, is again making a breakthrough for its players. PUBG Mobile, in future updates, will not only add in-game content but also reportedly increase the FPS it supports, where PUBG is rumored to be working with Qualcomm to improve performance in the game to support 90 FPS gameplay.

Download Gameloop 7.1:

This is quite impressive where there are only a few mobile games that support 90 FPS gameplay, and PUBG Mobile emulator, until this article was made, only supports 60 FPS. This, of course, will add to the playing experience that will be felt by the players.

 However, not all players can experience the 90 FPS game because it unlocks this mode. Players must have a smartphone with a Snapdragon 865 chipset. This means players have to buy the latest smartphone in the next year with high specifications to unlock this mode. Pocophone, which is one of the flagship smartphones with high enough specifications, only has Snapdragon 845.

Until now, there is no further information regarding the release date of this 90FPS mode, but do you want to experience the update? Players have to buy the latest flagship cellphone with higher specifications to experience this mode if the author himself loves the money.

How to play PUBG Mobile:

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08 May 2020

How to play Mobile Legends on PC with Gameloop Emulator?


How to play Mobile Legends on PC ? In this article, we will explain how you can play Mobile Legends, which is among the best mobile MOBA games, from the computer. Especially the players who play League of Legends or Dota 2 on the computer are the first choice on mobile. With its wide range of characters, high performance and user-friendly gameplay, this game still maintains its place among the best mobile MOBA games. 

Mobile Legends, which received its latest update on March 29, play on computer with Gameloop (Tencent gaming buddy) can be presented. We will tell you how you can do this in minutes. Let's get started right away.

Does it make sense to play Mobile Legends on a computer?

Playing a MOBA game on mobile can sometimes turn into a torture. Your mobile device may get hot or consume charge very quickly, especially because of the long ranked matches. Or you can get an unnecessary notification in the middle of the game or even call. You can play these kinds of MOBA games on the computer to overcome all these problems. Playing on the computer gives you higher performance and graphics quality. You will also see the advantage of keyboard and mouse on the computer.

How to play Gameloop for Mobile Legends on PC?

Download Gameloop Emulator to play Android games like Mobile Legends via computerYou need to have a menu. With Gameloop, you can play most of the Android games in minutes on the computer. The most important features that distinguish Gameloop from its competitors are its high performance, user-friendly interface and support for unlimited games. 

Link download gameloop:

The first step required to play our game from the computer is to download this emulator. After completing the download successfully, you need to login to your Google account. If you have a pre-registered game data, you can automatically transfer it to Gameloop or create a new account. Log into the Play Store, which is automatically uploaded to Gameloop after logging into your account. Type “Mobile Legends” into the search bar above, find your game from the list and click the Install button.

After successfully downloading your game, the Mobile Legends icon will appear on the Gameloop main menu and on your computer desktop. Login to the game by clicking this icon. Complete the necessary training sections after linking your account. You're almost ready, but you need to configure your keyboard and graphics settings. We will also tell you how you can do this process.

Keyboard Settings on Gameloop

Keyboard adjustments are vital for a MOBA game. Especially when playing a mobile MOBA game on a computer, you have to adjust the keyboard settings. To react quickly and play the game smoothly, you need to adjust the settings accordingly. To make Mobile Legends keyboard adjustments in Gameloop, click the keyboard  icon on the right side of the emulator screen . In the window that opens, click on the sections you want to add and click the mouse to complete the assignments. 

You can get an easier gameplay by assigning keys in a similar way to other MOBA games you play. After completing this, add your D-Pad where necessary. Also, "Scroll" and "Free View" in the right windowYou can also use features like. After assigning a complete key assignment to all sections, click the save button from the bottom right. 

Play mobile legends on Gameloop:

08 May 2020

Free Fire Game Keymapping in Gameloop- Keyboard setting in Emulator


What is the Gameloop. emulator best for Free Fire?

Choosing the best emulator for Free Fire is quite easy. One of the most played games in the mobile world , Free Fire can also be played on PC. All of the games that can be opened on Android with intermediary programs called Emulator can also meet the players on PC. You can use Gameloop Emulator to play Free Fire on PC with high performance and quality . 

In FPS games, aiming is to bring the target over the opponent. If you want to be first in Free Fire, you must first read the map, get to know the items well and have a good aim. For this, we recommend that you play the game from the PC. Free Fire to play PC via Gameloop ' i use you may not be.

Link gameloop official:

What are the advantages of playing from PC?

The advantages of playing games like Free Fire on PC don't end with counting. First of all, the game helps the players to keep the target. This is quite noticeable when playing on the phone. This help is also available when playing on PC. In other words, while an opponent sees you from a distance and throws the bullets one after another, you can turn and shoot your opponent at once. This can be said to be very important in winning games.

Now that we have solved the problem of aiming, let's give you little tactics on the regions on the map.

  • Rim Nam Village : You should be very careful if you plan to go to Nim Nam, which is often the stopping point of most players because it contains high level equipment. For this reason, if your plane does not pass directly from that area, instead of going to that area, instead of going to that area, it will be very advantageous for you to go to a place nearby and find a few weapons and then go there.
  • Clock Tower : It is a region that is liked by most players due to its high level items and being close to the middle parts of the game.
  • Graveyard : You can find several items near most graves. Due to the excess items it contains, you are likely to come across high-level items.
  • Capetown : Because of the large number of buildings in the region, it makes it very rich in terms of goods. In addition, a vehicle can be found in this region, so you can switch to other regions much faster.

Download Free Fire with Tencent

The flow of the game is very important in such games. If you have a phone that has a charging problem and has a heating problem, playing games on the phone can be a crush. In this context, you may be looking for solutions that will play mobile games from PC to play with your friends or participate in the competition. If you think so, download Gameloop and play Free Fire on PC.

02 May 2020

How to Download PUBG Mobile on PC/ Laptop with Gameloop Emulator


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or more commonly abbreviated as PUBG, is a phenomenal battle royal genre game today. Almost all groups of adults and adolescents are very fond of playing games made by technology giants from China, Tencent.

From the first release in March 2017, PUBG PC has been played by almost 1 million people, as reported by the website "buying and selling" game, Steam.

In the end, Tencent released the mobile version of PUBG so that it could be played by all groups, wherever and whenever. Specially, PUBG Mobile can be played for free without having to buy a license first.

Instead of playing PUBG games on PC for free, there are some users who use Emulator Android on PC.

In order to accommodate mobile users, Tencent officially issued a PUBG emulator for PCs that can be downloaded for free. This special PUBG emulator is designed so that users who use it are not confused about keyboard mapping.

Users do not need to bother setting keyboard mapping, because after running, the mobile PUBG emulator is automatically configured properly. Then, how do you install and download the PUBG Mobile emulator on a PC? Devour this article until it runs out!

How to Install PUBG Mobile on a PC

1. Download PUBG mobile emulator for laptops / PCs via the official page
2. After the download process is complete, please install the Tencent Gamming Buddy emulator

3. The next step is downloading and installing PUBG mobile on the emulator

4. The installation process is complete

This is the guide for downloading and installing the PUBG Mobile emulator for PC / Laptop. Please note, the PUBG emulator version is currently still in Beta status, which means it is still in the development and improvement stages. But during use, no serious bugs or crashes have been found.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC Using Tencent Gaming Buddy

PUBG Mobile Lite presents a map with a smaller size and fits 60 players. The players will 'dive' into the island with a size of 2 km x 2 km or an area of ​​4 km square. Adjustment of this area map so that the device is not burdened by graphic processing. On the other hand, with a smaller map of the area, the battle will go faster. 

Try to compare it with regular Mobile PUBG which reaches 8 km x 8 km or 64 square kilometers. Plus, the number of players has also shrunk, out of 100 people now the maximum is only 60. PUBG Mobile Lite on the Google Play Store was last updated on July 25, 2019 with the current version 0.12.0. The gameIt runs on Android OS 4.0.3 and above or newer. 

PUBG Mobile Lite receives an average of 4.4 stars from 505 users in the Android application store. "Thank you for making this lite version . This is PUBG which is playable on all devices ," writes Rahim Noryan, who gave 5 stars, one of the reviewers of PUBG Mobile Lite on the Play Store on July 28, 2019. For your information, PUBG Mobile Lite also became one of the Google Play Store Editor's Choice games for the Game Games category. Download PUBG Mobile Lite