S02E04 - Echo - Folxlore

S02E04 - Echo - Folxlore

In The Works x Tin Can Audio



About this episode

We build our own rituals. We remember. We celebrate and grieve. Together.


Transcript (including content warnings): https://bit.ly/3FQn276


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An In The Works x Tin Can Audio production.

Written by Bibi June (they/them) and Ross McFarlane (he/him)

Michael (he/him) – Ross McFarlane (he/him)

Lex (he/him) – Syd Briscoe (he/him)

Sadie (she/her) – Hannah Raymond-Cox (she/her)

Millie (she/her) – Nigel McKeon (she/they)

Zarah (she/her) – Katalina Watt (she/they)

Ayla (she/her) – Hannah Raymond-Cox (she/her)

Cal (they/them) – Bibi June (they/them)

Dev (they/them) – David Devereux (they/them)

Jordan (he/him) – Ross McFarlane (he/him)


Sound design by David Devereux (they/them)

Episode art by J M Fyffe (they/them)

Graphic design by Bibi June.


Supported by Creative Scotland