59: BONUS| The Last of Us recap and I MET ALEX & ALLYSON GREY!

59: BONUS| The Last of Us recap and I MET ALEX & ALLYSON GREY!


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***Fill out this Survey to WIN A PRIZE*** This week I cover the Last of Us True/False and some other exciting shout outs and updates. Flora Funga Podcast is GROWING.  Go watch to 58: The Way of Water is in a Crisis. Go follow him on Twitter. I have a FB group where I go LIVE every Sunday at 730PM EST. (Next week topic is on how to consume cannabis).
  Interview with Howard Sprouse.
 My interview with Mike Kempenich
(THE LAST OF US RECAP) some T/F : What facts did you think were true or false? I am excited about my JOB interview tomorrow at The Villages Grown retail store. Next Wednesday I will be releasing The Villages Grown in person interview. Stay tuned on the YouTube channel for a professional tour and interview.
Art Church by Alex and Allyson Grey (Check out Alex Greys work)
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