58: The Way of Water is in a Crisis featuring a Soil Scientist

58: The Way of Water is in a Crisis featuring a Soil Scientist


About this episode

Flora Funga Feedback Survey |This week we chat with a soil scientist, Mriganka De, from Minnesota State University-Mankato. He got his BS and MS in Soil Science in India and a Ph.D. degree in Soil and Water Science from the University of Florida. After finishing his Ph.D., he continued his academic career as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Idaho  and Iowa State University. (Make sure to check out the YouTube for the visuals during this interview) 
Some topics we cover in this episode:

    What is the water cycleFog Drip?Wtf is corn sweat?What are some qualities that make good soil health?source vs sink?farming practiceswhat is the future of farming?How does our food suffer from water?Microbe analogiesHow can you have drought and flooding at the same time?What can we do to practice sustainability?Why do we only grow 2-3 crops anymore?What is a bioreactor?How can flora and funga help the quality?Have humans ruined the soil?

Where to find Mirganka:
Email: mriganka.de@mnsu.edu
Resources Mentioned:
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