54: Mushroom Hunters Tarot: Welcome to a space where Mycology and Mythology Meet

54: Mushroom Hunters Tarot: Welcome to a space where Mycology and Mythology Meet


About this episode

This week we chat with Joe Buckley, the creator of the Mushroom Hunters Tarot deck.  Joe started as an artist who was deeply passionate about mythology and now has created a funga tarot deck that aligns with both. Soon he will be traveling  for the upcoming Mushroom Hunter’s Odyssey project. In this episode we cover topics like:

    What got him into mushrooms and tarot?What are the steps into making this deck?Has this deck opened up doors for you?CHECK OUT @CentralTexasmycologyThe Mushroom Hunters OdysseyMy traveling podcast called "Fungal Frontiers, Plant Pioneers"How did you replicate tarot and mushroomsSOME TAROT EXAMPLESThe connection between science and spirtDo you have a favorite card?Do you have a favorite mushroom?If you had unlimited funds what would you study?Listen to my episode with Sam the Fungi

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Mushroom Hunters Tarot Deck

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