51: The Movement of Water in Flora with Dr. Ruhland (MY FIRST REOCCURING GUEST!)

51: The Movement of Water in Flora with Dr. Ruhland (MY FIRST REOCCURING GUEST!)


About this episode

This week we chat with my past plant physiology professor from Mankato State Dr. Christopher Ruhland. We cover topics involving water and the process of water movement through plants. Other topics include:

    Who is Dr Ruhland?What research was he apart of in Antarctica Releasing ancient stuffs from permafrost?What is water?Why is it important?Water propertiesWhat is SPAC?What is the process?The soil propertiesWater performs WORKWhat the roots doHow does the atmosphere play a role?How do plants lose water?How do plants adapt to losing water?HOW much water is lost from corn every second....it's a crazy numberPlants are Amazing

Resources Mentioned:
Episode 8: What is Photosynthesis and how does it work with Dr. Ruhland
Andrew Hill research

Where to find more of Christopher Ruhland:
Dr. Christopher Ruhland

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