Summer Break - #flashfiction

Summer Break - #flashfiction

Eric M Hunter

About this episode

One of the horror movies that I smile and get giddy for is 2001's Jeepers Creepers. What gets me is that very first scene. Two characters in a car, brother and sister, they got stuff going on, and then BOOM! this crazy truck rolls up and starts smashing them. Crazy! I love this first scene. So much in fact, that I'm going to copy it and write a story around it.

This is #flash fiction. A show about writing in real time. I’m your host, Eric M Hunter and I’ve been writing stories since I was a  child.  There’s a million ways to start a story and you never know how  it’s  going to turn out. It could be good or it could be really bad. So  let’s see what happens.

Jeepers Creepers wiki

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