FiredUp Ep 134 - Nichelle Nichols, Russia and more GOP

FiredUp Ep 134 - Nichelle Nichols, Russia and more GOP

Steve Bowles



About this episode

On this episode of FiredUp, Steve has a full plate as he discusses 

- Tribute to Nichelle Nichols, iconic and ground breaking actress form Star Trek.

- The FBI investigates Russian political interference through a possible link to a St, Petersburg FL group

- More GOP election games reported where primary elections in 3 states were being refused certification. 

- Republican Senators (24 in total) renege on votes to pass the PACT act, which would provide extended and expanded benefits to veterans exposed to toxic fumes and waste in overseas burn pits during the Iraq war and Afghanistan conflict. 

- Teaser Alert – A Constitution Convention plan by conservative/Republican politicians has surfaced. The goal is to write a new American Constitution.  Much more to come on this.

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