FiredUp Ep 132 - Fired Up For Real

FiredUp Ep 132 - Fired Up For Real

Steve Bowles



About this episode

This week’s show really does own up to its name as we get Fired Up over some important stories from the past week:

We examine a couple of stories that illustrate where the Political Right and its partisan Supreme Court look to move the country toward.

First we will look into a case that could “blow up our election law”. SCOTUS rejected an earlier case that challenged the States election process as “insufficient” but in a groundbreaking move called on proponents to go back, do more homework and bring a more solid case for them to consider. Not the first time this has been stated, but as the case would essentially federalize the states election processes, it is one with wide ranging consequences for elections in this country.

Next we will go back onto the scorched earth of the post-Hobbs decision and discuss a ruling in Idaho that eliminated all exceptions for terminating a pregnancy EVEN to save the life of the mother. Also, we look at a report from the National Right to Life Organization which stated that the 10-yr old girl who was pregnant by means of a rape and had to travel to Indiana to receive medical care. The NRLO wrote that the girl should have had the baby, and that she at 10-yrs old would “understand the reason and the benefit of having the child”.

We also look at the expected proliferation of election challenges by Republicans that lose elections, ala Trumps big lie, that will impact final election outcomes and generate an unknowable number of court cases to settle elections. Potentially overturning Democratic wins in the process.

We will look at so-called Model Legislation, pre-written legislative bills distributed to all 50 state legislatures for adaptation or inclusion wholesale into state law. This long standing practice, which leads to identical or nearly identical legislation adopted across many states poses a new posture for some  types of restrictive bills.