FiredUp Ep 131

FiredUp Ep 131

Steve Bowles



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This week’s FiredUp Podcast focuses on:

The role the conservative Supreme Court will play as a backstop for Republican attacks on rights and freedoms post overturning Roe and Casey. Will the Court continue to seemingly be another political arm of the conservative right in this country?

Does this new right-wing reality pose threats? We discuss a proposed bill and a letter sent to a Texas law firm regarding their assisting women seeking abortions by reimbursing costs incurred. A not veiled at all threat to sue, disbar and impose other sanctions spells another tool for other red states to follow to enact their will over our liberties.

In Arizona, a new law will make it a crime to photograph or video record police activities in public spaces from closer that 8-feet.

Georgia State Reps demand that the Univ. of GA cease providing resources to a liberal group that has been publicizing the locations of so-called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”, essentially anti-abortion advocate and pressure groups, where Pro-Life advocates can try to influence women who show up thinking these are medical procedure offices.

Finally we will give the first set of our tips on actions to take to communicate with your elected officials on the key issues coming in elections across the country.