FiredUp Ep 127 - Gas Prices, Gun Safety and more

FiredUp Ep 127 - Gas Prices, Gun Safety and more

Steve Bowles



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On the latest FiredUp Podcast

- This episode we review the very busy week that just ended, starting with the powerful presentation from the White House Press Room by Matthew McConaughey responding to the Uvalde elementary school shooting. His speech was impactful, emotional and he called out to our leaders to take action. He told the stories of a couple of the children that were killed, highlighted by a pair of green Converse sneakers like the ones worn by one of the victims, barely holding his emotions in check. He concluded by reciting the litany of things our lawmakers need to do NOW to curtail the violence.

- We also reported on the first hearing from the Jan 6 Committee, highlighting the presentation, testimony from a Capitol Police Officer injured in the line of duty and a videographer embedded with the Proud Boys on Jan 6 who recorded startling video of their actions on that day.

- The Right has been spending a lot of time, money and words blaming the Biden Administration for inflation, gas prices and gun violence. We will look at the gas price explosion in this country and break down the real facts about what drives gas prices (and it isn’t the President).

- In late breaking news, a bi-partisan Senate committee has put forward a proposed gun safety package which we will examine.

Just in case you missed it, here is a link to Matthew McConaughey’s speech from the White house on Jan. 7th.