FiredUp Ep 126 Had Enough Yet?

FiredUp Ep 126 Had Enough Yet?

Steve Bowles



About this episode

    On this episode of FiredUp we discuss:

Republicans adopting diversionary strategies to deflect and deflate the anti-gun movement. Inflation and Biden-bashing lead strategies.

Matt Gaetz grabs #1 spot in the dumbest idea of the year with support and suggestion that people going to the polls should be allowed to carry guns with them. WTF #1

The website provides some scary numbers for gun related deaths and injuries in the US. (And we still have half a year to go!)

Congressman Louie Gohmert whines to NewsMax that it’s unfair that Republicans can’t lie to Congress or the FBI without getting into trouble. He says this is a two-tiered justice system. Umm Louie, lying to Congress or the FBI is a Federal Crime and no one should be above the law. WTF#2

HBO Max is streaming a documentary movie about the Move-9 group and their battle with the Philadelphia Police in August 1978. The film tells the story of the siege and destruction of the Move house/HQ and the 42 year struggle to get parole for the 9 people arrested. This is worth a watch and could easily be a story set in 2022 instead of 1978.