"Filmmaking Ain't For Pu****s!"

"Filmmaking Ain't For Pu****s!"

Dave Fugett

About this podcast

Thinking about making a feature film? Do you want it to play film fests and win awards? Do you want to have some idea of what you're going to experience before you jump into the filmmaking ocean? (It is an ocean. Fests are overwhelmed with movies, most bad.) If you answered "Yes" to the above questions or if you're simply curious at this point, then this podcast is a priority for your listening enjoyment. No need for filmschool. I will share all that I learned in 4 yrs @ UNC School of the Arts Filmmaking. I will share the things I did right and wrong on my first feature "THE HIKE" where I was executive producer, producer, line producer, writer, director, actor, first AD, production design, wardrobe, props, location manager, casting director, craft service and driver. www.thehikemovie.net




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