Ram Prasad Bismil

Ram Prasad Bismil


About this episode

Ram Prasad Bismil, and Indian Freedom revolutionary, poet, writer and historian was born in Shahjahanpur in United provinces on 11th June 1897. His father was a lawyer. Bismil  was home schooled initially, where he studied to become proficient in Hindi and Urdu. Later on he joined the Arya Samaj, and finally got exposed to Indian Freedom Revolution. 

He created Matrivedi party in order to procure finances for buying weapons against the British leading to Mainpuri Kand, followed by Kakori Train Robbery. The train robbery failed and the revolutionaries had to flee. Bismil alsong with his accomplices got arrested and was taken to Gorakhpur jail. There he kept his spirit alive and wrote his autobiography, which was published a year after his hanging on 19th Decembre 1927, thus making him an inspiration and a name which was taken with nothing but respect. 

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