Dr Rajendra Prasad

Dr Rajendra Prasad


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Born to a Persian and Sanskrit Scholar in Bihar's Siwan, Dr Rajendra Prasad was a very promising student right from his childhood. Dr Prasad won a scholarship during schooling. While checking his exam copy in College, his professor said "Examinee is better than the Examiner".

He went n to teach English, study Law and Economics, earned his Ph.D. and started practicing Law. India was in a turmoil due to Bengal Partition, that is when he realized he needs to work for Independence. He started following Mahatma Gandhi, and was noticed by him in one of the sessions of Indian National Congress. 

Mahatma Gandhi was so impressed by him that he called him for legal consultation during Champaaran Satyagrah. 

Later on Dr Prasad left Law and started to work on Indian Education after suggestion of Mahatma Gandhi.

When India got independence he became the president of Constituent Assembly and on the implementation of constitution on 26th January 1950. He was unanimously chosen as the First President of India.

Listen in to know more about this great Indian.

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