C Rajagopalachari

C Rajagopalachari


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C Rajagopalachari, the first Indian and last Governor general of India, was also known s CR, Rajaji, or Mango of Salem. He was a Statesman, Writer, Lawyer and a freedom fighter. He got inspired by Bal Gangadhar Tilak and joined the Independence movement. He held the position do Member of Municipality of Salem. After Mahatma Gandhi returned to India in 1919, Rajaji became his true follower. His thoughts matched that of Mahatma Gandhi, he was against untouchability, Oppressions of farmers and other ill practices. He became an official member of Indian National Congress and encouraged the party to fight 1937 General Elections. The party won the elections and Rajaji became the Premier of Madras Presidency. 

He was a strong advocate of World Peace and lectured the then Vice President if America Richard Nixon about the emotional effects of Nuclear weapons. 

After India became independent he became the Governor of West Bengal. and later the Governor General of India. Listen in to know more about this Great Indian.

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