Zia Maria stirring up some carbage

Zia Maria stirring up some carbage


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July 5th, 2016... the day I find out my aunt Maria, a.k.a. Zia Maria, is just a trouble-making jealous (expletive). While speaking with my Dad about the issue of his support staff sleeps so far away in the basement and he'd much rather have her occupy one of the bedrooms upstairs. Then I get a call waiting, it's his sister looking for him - so I patch them in together... expecting a window into my dad's interactions with sister it instead flushes a toilet of unhealthy energy. His sister is not able to make an effort to visit, she has many excuses for herself. Dad says he needs to accustomed himself as I changed everything in the house and he is unable to do anything... amusing complaints at first. until the scoundrel starts fanning the flames of contempt, my dad finds an insignificant item to nag/complain about but this now takes a major prominent position for her, the sister who isn't able (willing) to go visit but now is adept to provide her ugly, negative, and inflammatory energy into my dads final years. tisk tisk, such an easy situation becomes major cancer, now to the outer family layer.


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