Align Your Mind To The Art of Gratitude

Align Your Mind To The Art of Gratitude

Daniel Emerson

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In our Ascension Mastermind I use specific tools that help many clients, mentees and students with their overall development in all areas of their lives. Are you currently using: The DAILY FOCUS, The Process, The Nightly Review, The Accountability Questions, The Weekly Reset, New ATM's & HVT's?

    Do this in the Morning Daily -> The Daily Focus - Submit Form
    Do this when facing a problem -> The Process - Submit Form
    Do this Nightly for review - > The Nightly Review - Submit Form
    Do this for an extra push -> The Accountability Questions - Submit Form
    Do this weekly for focus - > The Weekly Reset - Submit Form
    Do this to set new goals - > New ATM's - Submit Form
    Do this to set new targets - > New HVT's - Submit Form

Very Simple Process.

This is how it works:

STEP 1 Each morning when you get up hit your (The Daily Focus - Submit Form) if you happen to have a problematic situation where you feel stuck. Hit (The Process - Submit Form) if you do not, then wait till your nightly routine and hit your…

STEP 2  (The Nightly Review - Submit Form) If you know you're struggling with this program and you need accountability then hit…

STEP 3  * your extra push * (The Accountability Questions - Submit Form)

STEP 4 *SHOW UP* Each Coaching Huddle we do a weekly reset to evaluate our progress together, hit up your (  To set new goals and targets weekly you must first set goals (The Weekly Reset - Submit Form)

Step 5 Then if, you accomplished your goals & targets then you can create new ones here (New ATM's - Submit Form & New HVT's - Submit Form)