The World is Your Oyster with Tony Jamous

The World is Your Oyster with Tony Jamous

John Lee Dumas

About this episode

Tony Jamous is CEO and co-founder of Oyster, a global employment platform that removes barriers to remote work and distributed hiring. He is passionate about empowering individuals from emerging economies through access to global career opportunities.

Top 3 Value Bombs

1. Create a massive amount of psychological safety at work. Invest in the people’s growth and development. Give people meaning and purpose.

2. Create an environment where people feel safe, where people are trusted to do their best work no matter how many hours they put in because we default to flexible and remote work.

3. Have a great diverse culture by becoming an attractive employer for people around the world, by taking care of people around the world by giving them great benefits, better pay especially in emerging economies.

Hire talent in 180+ countries. Hire, pay, reward, and manage talent compliantly without setting up an entity - Oyster HR


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