The New Rules of Email Marketing with Matt Paulson

The New Rules of Email Marketing with Matt Paulson

John Lee Dumas

About this episode

Matt Paulson is the founder and CEO at MarketBeat. He is the author of Email Marketing Demystified.

Top 3 Value Bombs

1. The goal for your ESPs is to show that people actually want your email and they will put your emails in the inbox, not in the spam folder.

2. In terms of who can get your message to the inbox, it’s more about you and what type of email you’re sending and who’s sending it for you. Your reputation will be your reputation. You can do that in any ESP.

3. Most people don’t send enough email. If you have a list, you should be emailing once a week at a minimum. For a highly-engaged list, you can send as much as once every day.

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