Empower our Culture

Empower our Culture

Phocas Maniraguha

About this podcast

The Imporana Traditional Dance troupe is a powerful tool for empowering culture. This group uses the art of traditional dance to celebrate and preserve the rich heritage of their community. They perform at various cultural events and festivals, showcasing the beauty and diversity of their culture to a wide audience. By participating in these performances, troupe members gain a sense of pride and belonging in their culture, while also educating others about the importance of preserving traditional arts. Furthermore, the troupe provides opportunities for community members, especially the youth, to learn and participate in traditional dances, thereby keeping the culture alive and passed down from one generation to the next. Overall, the Imporana Traditional Dance troupe is an important cultural ambassador, promoting understanding and appreciation for their culture, and empowering their community to celebrate and preserve their heritage.





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