The EMA Preparedness Radio Show Briefing Tuesday Dec. 10, 2019

The EMA Preparedness Radio Show Briefing Tuesday Dec. 10, 2019

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Ron Tyler has been involved in First Response and in the Preparedness arena for years. Since the early 1980’s Ron Tyler has been working to make sure people are prepared for whatever comes there way. He assisted his parents doing survival dinners at a local church and talked about why people need to be prepared. He has lived in earthquake country.. Quite a few large earthquakes hit San Diego and the state of California. He was a First Responder, and went to those areas to help serve, rescue and train people. Ron has set up emergency command posts during fire seasons in the mountains of southern California and in Colorado.. Having been a volunteer fireman and then a Police Officer, Ron knows what needs to be done and has done it. Ron and the crews have saved many people’s lives. Ron has spoken to hundreds of community groups, helped organize Emergency Preparedness Fairs where he has lived. Through his travels Ron has met hundreds of people and is valued in those communities and continues to work and lecture people on the complex work of Emergency/Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management.
Ron has spent 24 years in Law Enforcement, and has an extensive background in Law Enforcement and tactics. Ron’ career was spent in homicide, traffic accident investigation and weapons and tactics and personal/executive protection.
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