#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 229th Take with Reinier Lorenzo of HVC Cigars

#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 229th Take with Reinier Lorenzo of HVC Cigars


About this episode

This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes welcomes the return of Reinier Lorenzo of HVC Cigars. Our #229thTake promises to be a good one as we dive into what it takes to open your own factory, the "new new" from HVC, and what we can expect from HVC in the next few months. It's more than that, as we dive into an all-new This or That, plus I want to know what cigars Reinier smokes when he celebrates. Enjoy!


Reinier and I, along with our friends at Cigar Dojo would like to spotlight Cigars for Warriors

Check out the Fumar & Fundraiser: Support the Troops here: https://dojoverse.com/members/eric/activity/4077625/?q=news-feed%2Fp%2F4077625%2F


Black Friday 2022: https://cigar-coop.com/2022/10/cigar-news-hvc-black-friday-2022-limited-edition-release-announced.html

PCA 2022: https://cigar-coop.com/2022/07/pca-2022-report-hvc-cigars.html

HVC 500 Salomon: https://cigar-coop.com/2022/06/cigar-news-hvc-500-years-anniversary-salomon-to-debut-at-2022-pca-trade-show.html

HVC Opens Factory: https://cigar-coop.com/2022/06/cigar-news-hvc-cigars-opens-factory-and-announces-hvc-seleccion-no-1.html