#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 226th Take with Alec Cuevas of Casa Cuevas Cigars

#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 226th Take with Alec Cuevas of Casa Cuevas Cigars


About this episode

This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes welcomes the return of the young and viable Director of Operations for Casa Cuevas Cigars - Mr. Alec Cuevas. In many circles, it may be inappropriate to discuss age. Old can mean tired and over-the-hill. Youth can mean inexperienced and lackluster. Well, this week's guest may be young, but he has the chops, knowledge and pedigree of an industry veteran. As a student of tobacco and an admirer of the traditions in this industry, Alec has launched his very first project - Sangre Nueva. We'll share this cigar, stories about travel, the future, and more. Enjoy!


For this occasion, Alec and I would like to spotlight:

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