#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 224th Take with Matt Booth of Room 101 Cigars

#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 224th Take with Matt Booth of Room 101 Cigars


About this episode

This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes brings back an audience favorite for a throwback #Take224. Matt Booth returns for a Rapid Fire Take. The founder of Room101 Cigars has made some time for us and we're going 10000 miles per hour! You don't want to miss this as we talk acquisition, the future, and I'm sure at some point...microphones on one's groin. Enjoy!


For this occasion, Matt and I are spotlighting and asking for support toward Keep Memory Alive  you can learn more here.


United Cigar Presedential Trivia resource: https://historycollection.com/lbj-used-one-thing-control-others-around-became-known-johnson-treatment/2/


Room 101 Acquired: https://cigar-coop.com/2022/06/cigar-news-stg-acquires-room101-cigars-accessories-and-brings-matt-booth-on-as-creative-director.html