Dragon Talk #398 - Emi Tanji on Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants

Dragon Talk #398 - Emi Tanji on Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants

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Emi Tanji (She/Her) is an Art Director on the Dungeons & Dragons creative team and is happy you’re here. In her short stint of 16 years at Wizards of the Coast, she has loved seeing how D&D has evolved and is excited for what comes next. For general inquiries or show messages, please email dragontalk@sirensound.co Dragon Talk is executively produced by Greg Tito, Shelly Mazzanoble & Wizards of The Coast. Show production by Lisa Carr & Ryan Marth of Siren Sound. Podcast recording, editing, mixing and mastering by Ryan Marth & Siren Sound.


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Show open with Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble - 0:00

Interview with Emi Tanji - 05:03

Outro - 55:55


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