Dragon Talk #390 - Lucas Maxwell, Sarra Scherb on DMing Honor Among Thieves Cast

Dragon Talk #390 - Lucas Maxwell, Sarra Scherb on DMing Honor Among Thieves Cast

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Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, Lucas Maxwell has been working with youth in libraries for fifteen years. He is currently the librarian at Glenthorne High School in London, England. In 2017 he was named the UK’s School Librarian of the Year by the School Library Association and in 2022 he won the UK Literacy Association’s Reading for Pleasure Champion Award. He is a Dungeon Master for both youth and adults and speaks regularly about the mental health and wellbeing benefits of D&D, especially for neurodiverse players such as himself. In 2023 his book “Let’s Roll” was released by Facet Publishing; it focuses on the benefits of tabletop role-playing games for the patrons of both public and school libraries. Sarra Scherb (she/they) is a writer and curator who warlocks for Wizards of the Coast. She has run Dungeons & Dragons for families, newbies, and celebrities in settings ranging from conventions to corporate training sessions. They are the author of the upcoming D&D publication Characters & Quests: A Young Adventurer’s Workbook. For general inquiries or show messages, please email dragontalk@sirensound.co Dragon Talk is executively produced by Greg Tito, Shelly Mazzanoble & Wizards of The Coast. Show production by Lisa Carr & Ryan Marth of Siren Sound. Podcast recording, editing, mixing and mastering by Ryan Marth & Siren Sound.


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Show open with Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble - 0:00

Insight Check with Sarra Scherb - 03:16

Interview with Lucas Maxwell - 29:40

Outro - 1:22:46


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