DJ Gabe News (Season 1 Episode 1)

DJ Gabe News (Season 1 Episode 1)

DJ Gabe News

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DJ Gabe News (Season 1 Episode 1) SCRIPT   DJ Gabe News Is Brought To You By DJ Gabe, G Beats, trac, Indiefy Inc., and Amuse AB. Now To DJ Gabe News With DJ Gabe and HIs Christian Music News.  🎶 DJ Gabe News Intro Music🎶  DJ Gabe: Hello, and welcome to DJ Gabe News. I’m DJ Gabe, and today I will be talking about some new Christian Music. And also showing you a preview of some new Christian Music.  For this week, we will be doing the top 5 New Christian Music This Week. Starting with number 5, All My Life - Live by Planetshakers.  🎶All My Life - Live by Panetshakers🎶  That was number 5, nowhere is number 4. This song is called Another Song About Love by Brandon Heath. So here we go.  🎶Another Song About Love by Brandon Heath🎶  That was number 4 and here is number 3 & Number 2. These songs are called Keep The Faith & Friend Of Sinners by We Are Messengers. So here we go. After this, there will be 1 to 2 songs that are not new but fairly new.  🎶Keep The Faith by We Are Messengers🎶  🎶Friend Of Sinners by We Are Messengers🎶  Now here are the 2 fairly new songs. The first one is called Promised Land by Tobymac and the second one is called In The House by Crowder. So here we go.  🎶Promised Land by Tobymac🎶  🎶In The House by Crowder🎶  And nowhere is the final song of, of this week. This song is called Wholehearted by We Are Messengers. So here we go.  🎶Wholehearted by We Are Messengers🎶  That was the Top 5 New Christian Music this week. Tune in next week to hear some more new Christian Music. All of this Christian Music will be down in the description. So that you guys can listen to the full length of the songs.  This is DJ Gabe News, see you next week. Bye.  (Outro Part Of The Video) (Subscribe to DJ Gabe News to get New Christian Music each week)


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