Doctor Who?

Doctor Who?

Beccy Stirrup

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Written and produced by Beccy Stirrup

© Rebecca Dye (nee Stirrup) 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Sam and CAL were played by Beccy

Arthur was played by Gavin Leonard

Doctor Theopolis was played by Rob Reed

Music: Ad Astra by Six Umbrellas

Promo: The Amelia Project


    Ship Ambience:, Button: Jofae November 9th, 2016, ambience: Kinoton, August 31st, 2016Bubbling to layer Lab ambience:jasonmchl, June 16th, 2008Machine-type-noise to layer lab ambience: Kittyboopictures, March 31st, 2019CAL reboot: LittleRobotSoundFactoryCAL reboot beeps: freedomfightervictor-00:08Calculating.wav

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