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It's an honor to invite you into the emotional and spiritual detox therapy. I grew up in a culture where being vulnerable is being weak, there was no room for emotional or spiritual therapy. Everyone was expected to be strong and able to do it all. I want you to know that no one has ever been able to accomplish that, which gave birth to a community of people who are disappointed, broken and insecure. It took me years to understand that its okay to not be okay, to take a break and ask for help, to be okay with not being perfect, to love me, and to know my identity, especially as a child of God. I will be sharing with you conversations with men and women who have overcome complex issues through wisdom from scriptures, books, mama's talk , kings and our environments etc. I ll also be sharing scriptures and quoted that helped me on this journey. I hope to inspire you to be you and bodly embracethe gift of life and God's love



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