Delayering Black Onions, Forging Black Diamonds

Delayering Black Onions, Forging Black Diamonds

Renard Killdare

About this podcast

Welcome to "The Black Onion, Black Diamond" podcast, where we delve deep into the issues facing black individuals and ethnic minorities locally and globally. The name "Black Onion" symbolizes our mission to peel back the layers and complexities of these challenges, exposing their root causes through rigorous research, expert insights, and firsthand accounts. Just as an onion reveals its core once its layers are stripped away, we aim to uncover the core truths behind the issues plaguing our communities.

But our analysis doesn't stop there. Once we've examined the issues critically, we transition to brainstorming sessions with our moderator and panelists. This is where the symbolism of the black diamond the strongest and most unique diamond comes into play. Like the black diamond, we recognize that solutions to these challenges may not be readily apparent, but they are precious, rare, and unique and once uncovered builds strength, resilience and sustainability. Despite any imperfections, just like the impurities found in black diamonds, our proposed approaches aim to address these issues with resilience and creativity.

From politics and inequity to finance, economics, mental health, relationships, businesses, and the development of the African diaspora, no topic is off-limits. Our goal is not only to highlight the challenges but also to propose tangible approaches for alleviating them. Join us as we navigate the complexities of these issues with insight, empathy, and determination, striving to create a brighter future for all. Welcome to "The Black Onion, Black Diamond" podcast.




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