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Welcome to the #CreateYourEarthLife Christian Podcast: From me, me, me to Christianity! This podcast converted with me when I was saved by Jesus. It went from new age spiritual education to the focus being solely on Jesus and how we can all grow closer to Him. Some episodes are solo hosted by me, Jenasa Prudhomme, and some episodes include guests who share their testimony of how Jesus changed their life. If you are interested in sharing your testimony on the podcast, contact me through my website http://www.createyourearthlife.com.

If you are looking to grow you faith even deeper, here is a FREE Bearing Fruits Prayer Journal for YOU: https://createyourearthlife.ck.page/8a064c52ef

I share occasional entrepreneur tips to help YOU grow your ministry and/or business! I have spent the past two years growing an online ministry and business by starting and growing a podcast, blog, and social media pages. I have done endless hours of research, joined many free classes, and hired coaches to help me grow my online business. With the knowledge I have gathered, I wrote an eBook called Faith Based Entrepreneurship which is all about equipping you on the online space. Check it out: https://createyourearthlife.ck.page/products/faith-based-entrepreneurship-helping

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