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Crate Culture


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Introducing: Crate Culture
A Radio Show Hosted by @lucydafirst on Global DJs Radio.

Join Lucydafirst as she digs through crates of vinyl, cd, and more for the best mixes from around the world.
Crate culture is inspired from the art form of searching and finding music. Before the digital Era, DJs would have to memorize where each track was on each LP. When crate digging for new sounds, there were no options to listen to the song at the record shop, often DJs would have to hope by looking at the cover that the music would be what they need and like. Digging and sorting through crates became a familiar task all DJs can relate to. At the very least, the feeling of peeling away the plastic of a freshly purchased CD is an exciting feeling Lucydafirst aims to present through these series. Enjoy every first Monday of the month at 8pm MDT (Edmonton, Alberta 🇨🇦)



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