CPUT Institutional Student Parliament

CPUT Institutional Student Parliament

About this podcast

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology has embarked on a journey to establish a Student Parliament, which will form an integral part of the institution's structure of governance, as set out by the Higher Education Act and the University Statute. The establishment of an Institutional Student Parliament (ISP) reaffirms the University's position on inculcating and institutionalizing an ethos of transparency, fairness and accountability in both student governance and institutional governance. Furthermore, it is important to note that Institutional Student Parliament, is not a body that will replace the Student Representative Council (SRC) and its work, nor is it a creation of an extension of the SRC, as it has it sole mandate that is to instill and preserve the principles of sound governance, accountability, transparency and efficient service delivery for the benefit and betterment of the greater CPUT community.




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