#69eLiLMANdaRAPPER + 1. #TrippieBROWN / #OrlandoRED

#69eLiLMANdaRAPPER + 1. #TrippieBROWN / #OrlandoRED


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#ConsciousXXX #69eLiLMANdaRAPPER #DaUniversalTruth #ECC
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#TrippieBROWN / #OrlandoRED


October 30 2018
Is where da story started
Year later
that's when
I got out the hospital

Drop by gunshots
I ain't restarting

Year before 019 exactly
where I was at

Boxer graving candle site
No cap to some
i look retarded
I use draw on my face
Couldn't afford tats

At least when I shower
You can tell my skin is clean shining

To da lady's
I'm glowing
More than white ghost owl
At night

Yeah y'all right ( I guess )
I'm getting off topic
So say so
What's DA pitch
Here catch this

TrippieBROWN is OrlandoRED
Let me explain
What's goes upstairs
In mind head

if you don't believe me
I'm telling da universal truth
Through my eyes of TV
When I speak

I put the frequency back
To Tesla Vision
369 flipEflipflip
Let me get back on da road again
My fam & friends

How Rich Are They
Didn't knew ATM (money!)
At The Moment
Yo favorite Celeb wearing Sell Ms (money)
Different body
Beat them
if you can't join them !
If you don't believe EM (Emilio)

Can't Stop What's
In fo mason ing
They so full with da evil information rings

Like Jesus to da Goat
iT went from Black to White
Like Music MJ
From Sports MJ to Brady

That's how you change
Goat status
I'm not goat ?
I'm da ba da ment

Let this info
Go down yo throat
Diss going be hard pill to swallow

All seeing eye clearly sees
DA universal truth bout speak
I'm more than that
Like RED having BROWN face tats
Orlando past going come up
Listen & wait for that

Trippie , that's you when your 47
Wash up no tatted skin
Crack out yo mind
Like Mayor Marion Barry
(Oh Shit)

Is diss possible
C this iT is possible
I'm possible
No matter if the obstacle seems impossible
Maybe for you
But for me
I fiend for mind dreams to reach its reality
When eye speak
It's like God Shots
N G Shot of lighting

That's the feeling
You'll get
If you need to recover
From 2 9 bullets
2 times 9 equal 18
Oh lorddd
I shouldn't have done that
It's crazy how it's same date
On your birthday
You probably wish for

Just know be careful what you wish for

Wishing death on me and any body of mind fam of team

Don't you know
I'm da wish master STOOPID
Nipsey was real life Genie
I'm necessary evil to balance the globe with da wrlds of frames of understanding their universal codec

Codec code c is Emilio Cobos
At the end is Cody is code e
Is Coming
Up likea Gods Father
Making global moves likea godfather

My words of plays
Make mind haters Ghost harder
Mind wordplay Make Demons
Believing in da father
Side with The Lord
Come on
Y'all smarter than that
I'm next generation of da real OG Lord
He's on mind side
Lay you flatter than 6 feet
Of Corona
Quicker than finger snap
My spear will take your final breath
Romain Reigns SuperMan Punch You
Out of this globalize map

Out Rap Me
Rapping is my ring
I'm married to mind game
Crafting words into actions
Give EM da 1 2 1 2
But no 3 pin for you
I'm getting my wind back
Mind first breathe of fresh air
I feel da wind in
Within me
You Drink to OD
Almost die by bitch ass nigga name sleepy
Promises , he can't keep was suppose get laid
Instead laid out
Left me their on side of their house
His older bro by ya so
Knock me out cause I was talkative too much
My G Da Lord Real E
On Mind Side
I should had die
Pell White
An Mother of da Real Onez
With daughter
Both trying pick my dead weight up
Mother had strength of buff nigga
Still couldn't pick me up
They dash to my house
Down da street
Told my Fam
LiLMAN can't get up
My mother outta of her sleep
Force me on back of pick up truck
Woke up
Like where Cesar , Monica , n rest of them ?
They both fucked
Friends Come n Go
Till Next Episode
Episode is now

How Do Y'all Leave
Bread Crumbs
On Y'all Raps

RED hair in mostly every 019 Orlando

With You
It's bout colors
Yo Name Michael
What Coincidence
Lamar White 4 U

Having similar traits
Mask loves looking like RED
In da Desert

Pause (X 8:10)
With da Hat
Cut da cornrows off
That's a Trip
E FoShow

He's Actor
Playing Disney role of a rapper
Y'all love say
What if I'm wrong
What if mind lines of high lyrics
Are right
What if diss track da one
Meaning that's one to many

Now We Back
Year later off
October 31 2019

Let me speak mind 2020 vision
A R u bored
Well Now Listen

iTs Here

Christmas lights
Up da smoke
The Dope you Smoke

Whites own you
Can't miss
You clone too ?

Coming to America
It's Beena Trap
Since they took most cultures
Away from our skin
Whooping Scars From Da Back

Telling me
Stop Da Act
In case
You didn't know
I fiend for information
Just in case you wanna know something
I don't read lord upload fo nothing

Hear E out
Siding da info
In bout
[ 1 2 3 ]
eye FIEND Music
Has Rise

Brown Height
5 7
Red Height
5 8
5 6

(Come on Mann)
Google iT
If not Bing iT

Why Kyle Middle Name
Is Orlando

Nail in da coffin
Let's Go!

That's So Raven
Their show
Relationships don't go

Till this day
People tell me Grow Up
I tell EM
Listen & shut the fuck up

You may say
This info right here
Will get yo hair gray

Resuce me
In Red lettering
You don't say

Why y'all so close
Like y'all knew each other
Since like lil bros

Y'all higher ups
Lil hoes
I came back down

Down y'all fire flows
With Mind Air Tornado

Life's a Trip
Yes it is
When playing multiple roles

Likea actor
Starts off
Ready , Set , Action

How Did y'all met
I admit
This verify Got Da ArtCover
Fo this iT

Understanding da bullshit
Why we ain't ever seen

In Da Same Room

This da Trippie part
Orlando plays that dude