Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys

Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys


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This week Brian is joined by Berlin based South African Musician Lucy Kruger of Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys. 

To encounter Lucy Kruger’s music is to witness a singular journey of constant reflection that is producing an ever-widening arc of creativity. 8th April 2022 sees the release of Teen Tapes (for performing your own stunts) on Unique Records, a culmination of the Tapes Trilogy. 

In June 2021, the Berlin-based South African artist released the third Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys album, ‘Transit Tapes’ (for women who move furniture around), which serves as a follow up to her 2019 release, ‘Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls’.Since first embarking on the very specific process of recording music - with an early album that she recorded soon after finishing her arts degree in the Eastern Cape town of Grahamstown - Kruger has approached her artistry with the care of an archaeologist seeking all the interwoven elements that make up the historical whole. Whether the now finite suite of albums with André Leo as Medicine Boy (More Knives, 2014; Kinda Like Electricity, 2016; Lower, 2018; Take Me With You When You Disappear, 2020), or her solo work, Kruger has engaged in a slow, steady exploration of what it takes to make music that’s universal, that endures, that draws listeners in, even after countless listens. 

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