Jim Hustwit - Composer/Producer - Larp Music

Jim Hustwit - Composer/Producer - Larp Music


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This Week Brian is joined by Jim Hustwit.
Do you remember the Crazy Frog song? Jim was the person responsible for getting it to #1 in the Charts back in 2005. Jim often jokes that he is now making reparations for crimes against music.
Jim's music journey began as a child sitting in assembly watching a fellow student play Wombles of Wimbledon on the clarinet. Amazed that somebody could recreate a well known song, Jim begged his mother for a clarinet. Once he hit his teen years he began playing electric guitar in an effort to emulate the sound of Guns n Roses.
In 2011 Jim quit his day job in marketing to pursue a career in music. After touring and releasing an album he realized that the live performance aspect of music wasn't for him and he was more comfortable behind the scenes producing and composing.
Fast forward to today and Jim runs Larp Music, where they do bespoke music composition and their clients include BBC, Universal, and Apple.
Tune in to hear all about Jim's fascinating and inspiring story.
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