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On this episode of Concerts That made us Brian is joined by Giuliana Amaral of BAND,Inc. BAND, Inc. is a heavy rock band based out of Boston, Massachusetts. This hell-raising band brings their all to every show, every venue, and every stage that they play on. Combining their love for rock music, their ambitious personalities, and a unified dream of bringing their music for all to hear, BAND, Inc. is truly a force on stage. Formed by lead vocalist/bassist Giuliana Lucia Amaral in 2018, BAND, Inc. has been gigging non-stop ever since. From opening for big names, such as Alice Cooper, Dave Matthews Band, Buckcherry, to playing at iconic clubs such as the Whisky A Go Go, BAND, Inc. strikes with electrifying riff, grooves, and catchy melodies. BAND, Inc.’s Amaral has won several awards, such as Best Female Vocalist of The year by Limelight Magazine and Best Young Act of the Year by The New England Music Hall of Fame. 

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