Code Name: SISTA

Code Name: SISTA

Yolanda "Nandi" Barnes

About this podcast

The "Code Name: Sista" podcast combines host Nandi's twisted sense of humor, experiences gleaned from her multiple creative entrepreneurial endeavors and plain ol’ living out loud, with her passion for information gathering and commentary. Her unapologetic approach to life, living, relationships and inner healing is just what we need during these challenging times. Oh, and sometimes, she curses. A lot. Or a little. All depends.

This is a woman who's led and continues to lead many lives. Here are just a few of her endeavors.

She's an author! Her first book, Hey! It's a Pandemic Out There! can be found on Amazon: She's listed 31 ideas to reclaim your time during the pandemonium. Get your copy.

Since 2009 she has owned Nandi's Naturals, LLC, a handmade bath and body company: There's no product like a Nandi's Naturals' product, because Nandi's Naturals' products don't stop . . . working. :-)

But, wait, she's not done. She's also a firearms instructor with her own company, Lady With A Gun, which is located in the metro-Atlanta, GA area:

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