The Biggest Check You Can Write to The IRS

The Biggest Check You Can Write to The IRS

Blake Oliver & David Leary

About this episode

Blake and David break down the IRS's $99 million paper-check limit, how states use tax credits to attract movie productions (sometimes unsuccessfully) and give their take on actor Kenan Thompson losing $1.5 million to fraud as a child. They also cover couples arguing over finances, AI answering tax questions in California, accounting rules hiding commercial real estate loan losses on bank balance sheets, and the lack of action from accounting standards boards to change these rules.

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    (00:40) - What's the largest check you can write to the IRS?

    (05:38) - Jeff Bezos could be saving $600 million from moving to Florida

    (14:44) - Why movie studios are throwing out projects for tax breaks

    (21:03) - Keenan Thompson's accountant stole $1.5 million from him

    (26:27) - How much of relationship problems are finance-related?

    (31:38) - California plans to use AI to help answer people's tax questions

    (35:51) - PwC UK boss says AI is why workers should be in the office

    (40:45) - Silicon Valley Bank collapse follow-up and why it could happen again

    (51:09) - Thanks for listening and check out the Unofficial Quickbooks Accountants Podcast

Show Notes

Warner Bros.' Disgusting Accounting Trick May Find an Opponent in the U.S. Government

IRS Seeks More Than $1 Billion From SVB for Taxes

IRS sues FDIC to get $1.45B in SVB back taxes       

Mayweather’s $18 Million Check To The IRS Packs A Punch, But Is Under The $100 Million Weight Limit

California plans to use AI to answer your tax questions

Jeff Bezos will save over $600 million in taxes by moving to Miami

The Indicator from Planet Money : NPR  

Mayweather’s $18 Million Check To The IRS Packs A Punch,
But Is Under The $100 Million Weight Limit


Jeff Bezos reaps Florida tax benefit with $4B Amazon
share sale


Young staff need to be in the office because of AI, says
PwC's UK boss | Accounting Today


Money is the Biggest Relationship Hurdle for 1 in 4
Couples, Survey Reveals - CPA Practice Advisor


Kenan Thompson Reveals a Crooked Accountant Stole $1.5
Million From Him During His Nickelodeon Days | Video


When accountants attack: why Netflix is cancelling Halle
Berry’s new sci-fi movie


Ben Affleck Reportedly Filming The Accountant 2 This Year


FASB Won’t Consider Changes in Securities Accounting
After Bank Failures - WSJ

New York Community Bank’s Commercial Real Estate Loan
Problem May Be Isolated, Experts Say


Banking Crisis Plays Out at America’s Smallest Lenders

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